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In loving memory of all the gardeners in the Westmorland Horticultural Society that we have had the privilege of knowing over the years. Gone but not forgotten. Gardening friends forever.


(This page covers obituaries from 2019 to present. Click on the picture to link to full obituary. Tributes on this page written by Mariette Sharpe.)


Lois Hale
1935 - 2022

I was really sad to read of the passing of Lois Hale on March 10th at the age of 87.

One thing I have always enjoyed is going to church yard sales and bazaars and I was not the only one because I always saw my friend Lois there too.

I joined the WHS garden club in 2002 at the invitation of Lois and Fraser Hale who after visiting my garden suggested I join. We became very good friends. I wrote many articles about Fraser and in one he said “Lois is a master gardener in her own mind – she has methods which are beyond normal expec- tations. Support is sometimes better or equal to service in the ranks. Not having a garden would be strange to her. Her mother gardened and she had similar exposure as I did to growing food. She loves flowers too.” Lois was a real lady. She was always relaxed, lipstick on, nice hair, beautiful smile, very friendly, a joy to be around.

Lois worked as a registered nurse for 40 years. Since she loved both flowers and baking, she entered in both categories at the annual WHS garden club show and received several awards. When Lois and Fraser moved to a retirement home her daughters gave me all

the ribbons and trophies their parents had won over the years. In the beautiful eulogy at her funeral, it was mentioned that her granddaughter particularly remembered all the fun times she had with Lois doing crafts and bouquets etc. for the show. She always donated articles for the auction as well.

The Hales lived in Colpitts Settlement, later in Riverview, and because they loved to travel spent their winters in Florida for many years. In an article they wrote for our newsletter they said we should be grateful for our 4 seasons and like me they were always happy to come back home to see their flowers and their friends again.

I was glad to have Lois on the phone committee when I was captain. The committee called members to inform them of upcoming meetings and events, an important service at the time. Now that almost everyone has a computer it is a thing of the past.

I was honoured to be invited to the surprise party celebrating both Lois and Fraser’s 80th birthdays. Judy and Jim Steeves sat across from us at the party and Jim still remembered a WHS plant sale where Lois shocked everyone when she paid $20 for a pot of Johnny Jump Ups. She liked the colour!

I often visited them at their house on Deerwood in Riverview, about a mile from my place. Fraser loved to talk so I

made sure I had at least an hour for a good visit. His garage or “His Domaine” was full of old stuff and I spent many hours there listening to his stories. I should mention also that he was an expert on growing tomatoes.

When they could no longer come to the meetings, I brought copies of the newsletters to their retirement home. I loved visiting them. You could see how much they loved and respected each other. When Lois could no longer stay in her house Fraser moved to Lakeview Manor to be with her. I’m honoured to have known this couple who had loved each other for so long.

Thank you, Fraser and Lois, for inviting me to join this friendly garden club. Because of you I met many people who became my friends, some of them BEST FRIENDS. I will be thankful forever................ My sympathy to their 3 loving daughters.


Lois Elizabeth Hale.png
David Thibodeau.png

David Thibodeau
1951 - 2022

I was really sad to hear of the passing of David Thibodeau on January 13th. He was a WHS member for many years and came regularly to our meetings, potlucks etc. In July 2016 David and his wife Monique opened their gardens for our club to tour. I was away most of that summer, so sadly was unable to go, but those who were lucky enough to tour their garden saw how beautiful their property was and particularly liked the lovely stepping stones throughout. A few days later at our July meeting David did a wonderful presentation on making beautiful cement stepping stones using large leaves such as those of hostas or rhubarb to create the design. He had all the materials and in a very entertaining way showed us step by step, making one in about 15 minutes and which a member took home. He also gave away some cast samples. David made it look like a simple project and no doubt many members tried it over the summer. I also remember, at that meeting Jim Steeves donated a bouquet of flowers which was won by our presenter. A fun and informative evening.

David was a very nice person and I loved his beautiful smile. Because I don't often have the chance to speak French I particularly enjoyed speaking with him at our meetings. Gardening was a big part of his life and our gardening society will miss him. We offer our sincere sympathy to his wife Monique, his sister, club member Rose-Marie Thibodeau, his sister-in -law, club member Carol Thibodeau and all his family. 

Judy Steeves
1944 - 2022

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing on February 11th of dear friend and long-time club member Judy Steeves.

Judy joined the garden club in 2003. Every year, as long as I can remember, she made a beautifully decorated cake for the garden show. At our last big show in 2014 Judy’s cake for the “cake walk” was shaped like a watermelon and again a real show stopper. That same year my husband and I visited Jim’s and Judy’s gardens. Jim wasn’t there but Judy was busy in her vegetable garden which was absolutely spectacular with dozens of different kinds of vegetables. Her onions were gigantic. Then to her flower garden. No words can describe all the beauty. She decided to make me a bouquet of dahlias and kept cutting and cutting until I had a giant bouquet.  What a fantastic visit. I know why Judy won the WHS spirit award at the garden show. She was one of the nicest people I have ever met.  

The Steeves offered their gardens for the garden tour almost every year. They were excellent hosts and their flower and vegetable gardens spectacular. One year we had a People’s Choice Award. Members brought something they had made, a floral arrangement, a baked item, a basket of fruit or veggies etc. then everyone voted and the winner received a beautiful plaque inscribed with “People’s Choice Award Westmorland Horticultural Society 2010 Garden 
Tour”. Jim won with his beautiful flower arrangement but only after a second vote because of the tough competition from his wife Judy and her very original flower arrangement.

For over 15 years I was in charge of the phone captains. I called them and they called their list of members who didn’t have a computer or preferred being called about upcoming meetings and events. Judy was a captain for over 10 years and never refused to add new members to her list. For many years she gave me her used stamps as she knew I had a stamp collection.

Judy was an excellent cook and brought her share of desserts for the meeting lunches and delicious food for the potlucks. One year we had an apple pie baking contest and she and Carol Thibodeau shared 1st prize.Jim and Judy were always big exhibitors at the garden show and won many trophies, red rosettes and ribbons. But most of all they were very friendly competitors. Judy and her sister Nellie always volunteered to take care of the canteen where they sold fudge, cake, cookies, chips and pop that members had donated.                                    

Judy Steeves.png

It was quite a job as it required them to be there for the duration. One year Judy brought delicious muffins for the volunteers and Jim picked up coffee at Tim Horton’s. What a loving couple. At a party celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary and Jim’s 65th birthday, I remember they had 2 giant cakes and the food was unbelievable. The party was at their house and there were so many family members, friends and club members who came to celebrate with them that you could hardly move. I also went to Judy’s 70th birthday party and again there were lots of family and friends.

When Judy became sick, she asked me to make a Christmas cross-stitch and a religious card for the lady who was giving her daily cancer treatment injections. I told her it was my pleasure and I didn’t want anything for it. A couple of days later she arrived at my house with a giant plate of delicious cookies.

A couple of weeks before she passed, Judy called me to ask a favour and I was glad to help. She sounded very strong and as usual very positive. She was a real inspiration. When she sent me a thank you note I was very touched by her message.

Judy, we know you are no longer with us but we have so many wonderful memories of you as a gardener, excellent cook, advisor, helper in every way in the society, and friend to so many in the 19 years you were with us in the W.H.S. You will be sadly missed in our lives but live forever in our hearts. 

Our sincere sympathy to Jim and their daughter Shelley.    

Joan LeBlanc
1923 - 2021

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of long time WHS member Joan LeBlanc who joined the club in 1980 and was a very active member for 25 years, serving for many of those years as secretary and also as a phone captain (calling members).

I remember that at garden show time, Joan and her husband Arsène (we called him Albert), were always there for the setting up and did all they could to make the show a success. For years they took care of the canteen along with their daughter in law Karen, also an active member. They always entered flowers, vegetables, sewing and knitting crafts, and baked goods. I noticed Joan first time I met her because she was very tall, and always smiling and friendly.

I visited her once when she was in her 80s and waiting for a hip replacement. Since she couldn’t come to the meetings, I brought her copies of the newsletter for several months. The story of those two beautiful people, Arsène and Joan who met in England during the war, is in the book “Captured Hearts: New Brunswick’s War Brides”. On their wedding day Joan’s groom failed to show up. Arsène’s leave had been cancelled 4 days before and he left a telephone message with a neighbour but it never

reached Joan. Later when he got 48 hours leave they were married on June 29th. A bomb fell really close by during the ceremony so the priest hurried it up. Arsène’s leave was up, he had to return to camp immediately, and she didn’t see him again for 10 months. Soon after that she got her call to come to Canada where she felt very welcomed by her husband’s family. About 15 years ago a picture of Joan in the Times and Transcript showed her walking along the platform in Halifax after arriving on a War Bride ship. I am very happy they decided to make Moncton their home and happy so many of us were able to enjoy their company through the Friendly Garden Club.

My sympathy to Joan’s children and her daughter in law Karen who was also her WHS chauffeur.

Joan LeBlanc.png
Jim DeWolfe.png

Jim DeWolfe
1927 - 2021

Jim really enjoyed gardening and grew all sorts of vegetables, glads, tulips etc. I think he was one of our town’s biggest volunteers. He had the biggest smile I ever saw and was one of the best story tellers I ever met. 

Bud Bailey
1939 - 2021

Bud was a member for over 20 years. He rarely missed a meeting, pot luck or garden tour and at the garden show he not only participated, he helped a lot. His property with its spectacular pond was absolutely beautiful. He was well known for his delicious fudge. He was a very friendly guy and a good friend. 

Bud Bailey.png

Doris Brown
1941 - 2021

Doris was in charge of club membership for many years. She helped at the garden show, potluck etc. and was good cook and a great photographer. Everybody loved Doris. She was a friend to all who met her. Rarely in life are we fortunate to meet anyone as special as she was. As my friend Rob said “She was definitely selfless, a rare commodity in these trying times”. Doris was one of my best friends and I think of her every day. My father often said that to live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. “J’irai la voire un jour”. 

Doris Brown.png
Marcia McGrath.png

Marcia McGrath
1943 - 2021

Marcia and her husband Richard were members. I didn’t know Marcia personally but would like to recognize her in the next newsletter if someone could pass on the information to me. 

Ken Garland.png

Ken Garland
1927 - 2020

Mr. Ken Garland was a very active member in the club for many years. He put many different entries in the garden show and got the red rosette and trophy many times for his vegetable table. He was always a friendly competitor and everyone respected him. I will always remember his beautiful smile.

Garth Berry
1934 - 2020

Mr. Garth Berry was also a member for many years, and rarely missed a meeting, a garden tour or pot luck. He put a couple articles on display the last year we had a garden show at MacArthur's Nurseries and came to help once at the Millennium Garden. He was also a very nice person and also always had a smile. 

Garth Berry.png
Connie Clark.png
Connie Clark.png

Connie Clark
1929 - 2020

Connie Clark
1929 - 2020

Mrs. Connie Clark paid her membership for many years. She never came to a meeting but always said that she was proud to be a member of the Westmorland Horticultural Society. She was a well-known artist and always exhibited her art at the Garden Show and also donated one of her prints to the Silent Auction. She was a beautiful lady as she was always well dressed and I loved her curly hair. 

Mrs. Connie Clark paid her membership for many years. She never came to a meeting but always said that she was proud to be a member of the Westmorland Horticultural Society. She was a well-known artist and always exhibited her art at the Garden Show and also donated one of her prints to the Silent Auction. She was a beautiful lady as she was always well dressed and I loved her curly hair. 

Judy Davis
1943 - 2020

Mrs. Judy Davis unexpectedly passed away in October. She was a member for many years and participated in the garden show, and encouraged her 2 granddaughters, Lexie and Sarah, to do the same and they won many red ribbons and trophies. She was a great member; she served as the club secretary for several years, and always brought some great dessert for the lunch. She was a very nice and friendly person, and a real special lady. 

Judy Davis.png
Marion Garland.png

Marion Garland
1925 - 2020

Marion died in November 2020. She was a very active club member for many years and participated in many garden shows with her husband Ken. She was an excellent cook and a very dear friend. 

Betty Cornell
1933 - 2019

When I joined the club almost 20 years ago, there were lots of very smart women in the club and one of them was Betty Cornell who passed away in February. Betty was a member for many years. My greatest memory of her was that she was a very nice lady, always smiling and happy to help. She was Vice-President, Secretary, and Card Convener. A real Trooper! 

Betty Cornell.png
Lola Mosher.png

Lola Mosher
1932 - 2019

Another great member was Lola Mosher, who passed away in July. She became a member in 1983 and was a member for over 25 years. She grew beautiful annual and perennial gardens, had a rock garden and a large garden at her cottage. She participated in many garden shows. She was a beautiful lady and her properties always looked spectacular. 

Judy Marsh
1952 - 2019

In October, we lost another very nice and friendly member, Judy Marsh. Judy rarely missed a meeting. I remember, one year, she made a presentation on flowers that you could buy at a place where they sell apples. She gave away some of those flowers as a door prize. The only cake, I ever won in a cake walk at the garden show was a delicious cake made by Judy. She told me to keep the colorful plate as she knew that I liked antique cups and saucers and plates. She also would bring delicious cakes and cookies for the lunch, and often came to help clean and plant the Millennium Garden. Last year, she had offered to be the person in charge of the phone captains. We were all really sad when we learned of her passing. 

Judy Marsh.png
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