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Updated Executive List....

Executive Team 2019 - 2020

A special welcome to the 2019 - 2020 Executive Committee. 

Claudia Schaerer - President

Laura Sarson - Vice President

Secretary - Gerry Gillcash

Treasurer - Gerry Gillcash

Social Media Coordinator FB, Website & Gmail - Betty Vick

Media Coordination - Vacant

Card Conveyor - Mariette Sharpe

Membership Coordinator - Doris Brown

Social Committee - Rebecca Sheffar

November 26, 2019 (7pm) - Monthly meeting -

Location: Mapleton Rotary Lodge (across from Princess Auto, off of Mapleton Road).

Come and meet your new executive and be part of the discussion on some ideas to improve the society.

In late September, Fernand Daigle & Claudia Schaerer visited Switzerland and saw spectacular flowers. They will give a short presentation at the meeting on “Blooms and Flower Boxes in Switzerland”.

Last year the members voted to have a limited number of luncheons during the year. The executive has received feedback that members miss the luncheons, since they are an opportunity to socialize. We will be taking a vote at this meeting on whether or not to have a luncheon at the end of each meeting. For this month’s meeting, the executive will be providing the luncheon.


December 10, 2019 - Christmas Potluck & Flower Arranging

Our Christmas potluck is on Tuesday December 10th at the Lutz Mountain Heritage Museum (previously known as the Lutz Mountain Meeting House) at 3143 Mountain Road – the same location where we had our Easter potluck. There is plenty of parking, NO STEPS, a great kitchen and a meeting room perfect for our size group. 

Doors will open at 5 pm, with volunteers needed to help with set up.

From 5:15 to 5:45, each person is welcome to make their own floral centrepiece (a sample will be shown at the November meeting). The cost is $10.00 per centrepiece to cover the cost of the materials. These centrepieces will decorate the tables during the potluck, before you take them home.

Supper will start at 6 pm.

We will be having a gift exchange, complete with a fun game. If you would like to participate, bring a wrapped gift, valued between $10 and $15.00, No scented products please.

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