Upcoming Activities.....


Westmorland Horticultural Society will be hosting our Annual WHS Plant Sale on Saturday May 28th –, 9 am to 12 noon, at 333 Shediac Road, Moncton.

The driveway is L-shaped, so you can park on Galaxy Drive and enter the driveway off of Galaxy.

If you have donations, please drop them off either the afternoon/evening before, or early on Sat. morning. Please have each plant in a pot or plastic bag so that they can be easily carried home by their new owners. Remember to label each plant – its common name, Latin name if you know it, colour of the blooms, how high the plant grows, whether it prefers sun or shade. Also – if you have any gardening books, decorative pots, house plants or garden art that you no longer want/use/have too many of, feel free to donate them. We’ll have a table set up for these treasures.

Check out the pictures of our annual planting of Millennium Garden in downtown Moncton!   (click here)