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Westmorland Horticultural Society will be hosting our Annual WHS Garden Tour on Saturday August 6, 2022 –, 10 am to 3 pm. 

Rain date Sunday, August 7, 2022 - 1pm - 5pm - members will receive an email if a rain date is called. Information will also be posted on the WHS Facebook page.

There are 5 gardens on the tour. See the attachment for a map and directions to each of the gardens. All members are asked to begin with Selma’s garden in Dieppe, and then proceed on to Rob deWolfe’s garden in Riverview, then on to Gerry and Judy Gillcash’s garden in Steeves Mountain, and so on.  The tour is organized this way so that our garden hosts are able to visit the other gardens on the tour also.


If you will join the tour partway through and need to find out at which garden the tour is at, or if you get lost, please phone Jessica Seely at 962-1469. Jessica’s contact information is at the bottom of the 2nd page of the handout. 


Judy and Gerry Gillcash have graciously invited us to enjoy our bagged lunches in their garden. Bring along a lawn chair. The club will provide cold drinks.

Click HERE for Map & Directions.

Check out the pictures of our annual planting of Millennium Garden in downtown Moncton!   (click here)

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