About Us...

The Westmorland Horticultural Society, located in beautiful Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is made up of a diverse group of people with a passion for cultivating plants, flowers and vegetables.  Many of them are just like you.

​The club currently has over 75 members. 


Our Organization:  Our officers and committee chairmen serve for a three year term. 


We also have various volunteer committee chair positions responsible for supporting our membership, garden show, social activities, card convenor and publicity.


Current 2018-2019 Officers:

Elaine McCullough, President

Claudia Schaerer, Vice President

Jessica Seely, Past President

Karen Nelson, Secretary

Karlene Cates, Treasurer

Doris Brown, Membership

Laura Sarson, Publicity

Rebecca Shaffer, Social Convenor

Mariette Sharpe, Card Convenor, 

Laura Sarson, Newsletter Editor

Betty Vick, Website & Facebook














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